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The otobreda 76 mm gun is a naval artillery piece built by the italian defence conglomerate otobreda. One of the most popular naval guns ever produced, with otomelara reporting that about 1,000 compact and sr guns were in service in 51 navies around the world as of december 2002. Otomelara otobreda 12754c gun 127mm 5 54caliber compact dualpurpose automatic naval gun system. The otobreda 127mm54caliber compact 12754c gun is a dual purpose naval gun system. Epv for naval service page 110 imo discussion board. The system is compact enough to be installed on relatively small warships.

The palmaria is a 155 mm selfpropelled artillery gun developed in the 1970s by oto melara of italy. The whole turret was built of steel roughly with the same thickness of the one used in early leopard 1s and weighed 15 tonnes. The oto melara 7662 super rapid sr cannon is an improved version of the oto melara 7662 compact cannon with a higher rate of fire, among other improvements. This weapon is produced under license in australia, india. Strategic sealift vessel acquisition project of the. Compared to the 7662 compact gun also from oto melara, the new 7662 sr features stealth design, full digital control, outstanding performance against highspeed missiles and engagement of shorebased.

Learn more before you buy, or discover other cool products in ships. Aiad directory 2011 edition replacement can be achieved in a few minutes with no need of any special tools. It is based on the oto melara 76mml62 allargato, which was bigger and heavier. The inner volume of about 11m3, can accommodate a driver, a two man turret and 8 fully equipped. The centauro armoured infantry fighting vehicle freccia is an 8x8 wheeled armoured vehicle which combines the proven and highly reliable drive train of the centauro family with a hull especially designed to ensure maximum crew survivability.

We can offer apfsds, hep, he, heat, smk,can and training solutions for a wide range of nato and other direct fire weapons. This weapon system is a result of a collaboration between otobreda now otomelara and oerlikon italiana. Oto melara 76 mm super rapid cannon 3d model available on turbo squid, the worlds leading provider of digital 3d models for visualization, films, television, and games. Navy is no longer acquiring mk 75 guns but has logistics support contracts with bae systems and oto melara.

The 76mml62 allargato is a single barrel, medium caliber, dual purpose automatic naval cannon designed and produced in the 1960s by the italian defence firm of oto melara as the cannon armament for all medium and large class warships built for the italian navy in that decade. Oto melara single 30 mm gun mount is a new generation naval system. The hammerhead unmanned surface vehicletarget usvt is a 5m, advanced composite surfaceeffect hull speedboat, powered by a 5 hp gas 3. Move from the bow towards the aft we have the standard oto melara 76mm super rapid, just behind is the ras folder boom. The us navy had an ongoing contract which it used to supply ourselves and malaysia. The mast is an integrated mast which is much smaller than the imast fitted to several dutch vessels. The first lot of dartstrales 76mm guided ammunition, produced by oto melara, was successfully tested at the end of march. We have a consolidated industrial presence in four domestic markets italy, the united kingdom, poland and the united states and an international network made up of subsidiaries, joint ventures and strategic collaboration agreements. It is based on the oto melara 7662c and evolved toward 7662 sr and 7662 strales. It is intended to replace older 20 mm oerlikon weapons and fires much more powerful ammunition. The oto melara 76 mm naval artillery gun is a widely used naval cannon by various navies around the world. The otomelara otobreda 7662sr 76mm 3inches 62caliber super rapid gun is a lightweight, automatic loading, rapid fire naval gun system used against shore, sea and air targets. Commander, naval surface force, atlantic uss simpson. The materials are included, but the hdri environment which is used for rendering is removed from all files.

The government of saudi arabia has requested a naval modernization program to include the sale of multi. In point of fact, the model 56 has long been the only new. Headquartered in italy, we operate on a worldwide scale. The closeinweapon system is the raytheon mk15 block 1b phalanx sixbarrel 20mm gun.

The iveco oto melara consortium, cio in short, was established in 1985 on equal participation between iveco defence vehicles and leonardo. A vehiclemounted version known as the otomatic was built for the selfpropelled anti. The ships main gun is the oto melara mk75, 76mm naval gun which fires 6kg antiaircraft shells to a range of 12km and antisurface ship rounds to 16km. The 7662 sr, today in service with 58 navies worldwide, is a multirole medium caliber naval gun mount, designed for antimissile and antiaircraft as main role, and conceived for installation on multipurpose ships of any class and type. It fires a 76 mm caliber round, and its barrel length is 62 calibers. The firing trials were conducted on board one of the italian navys ships equipped with strales 76mm sr and selex na25 fire control system.

Denel rooikat 76 and 105 implemented suggestions war. Oto melara offered it as a longrange spaag that could outperform systems like the gepard and similar versions with the british marksman turret that mounted much smaller, but rapidfire, 35 mm guns. Mk 75 76mm62 caliber oto melara cannon mk15 block 1b phalanx cwis mk 46 mod 5 asw torpedoes 2 mk 38 mod 0 25mm cannons 2 mk 32 triple 324mm surface vessel torpedo tubes aircraft 2 sh60b light airborne multipurpose system mk iii helicopter ships specifications. Its rate of fire is 85120 rounds per minute, the distance of fire of 16 to 20 km from the domestic gun mount ak176 has more weight and less range 15. The oto melara 76mm super rapid, if selected, is new to the pn, but is expected to be the main gun of the upcoming new frigates to be built by the winning shipbuilder. Oto melara has had a good deal of success with its model 56, and the piece is so well known around the world it needs little promotion. Such is our confidence with the quality of their work, that when time pressures dictate, we are happy for oto to dispatch direct to our customers without us having to. Oto 3d limited packaging, prototyping and modelmaking. Oto melara was a subsidiary of the italian company finmeccanica s. Background the mk 75 gun is suitable for installation on small combatants. The oto melara 105 mm mod 56 began life in the 1950s to meet the requirement for a modern lightweight howitzer that could be used by the italian armys alpini brigades mountain artillery regiments.

The oto melara 76 mm gun is a naval gun built and designed by the italian defence company oto melara. The oto melara 76mm compact gun is standard on the gregorio del pilarclass frigates and jacintoclass patrol vessels. The mod 56 pack howitzer, in service throughout the world, and the 76mm naval gun, adopted by 53 navies and installed on over 1,000 naval vessels, are among oto melara s bestknown weapons since world war ii. She is armed with a 76mm oto melara gun operated by a rademec fire control system. Mk iii, 76mm oto melara srgm, 100mm creusot loire, 4. The final contracts are expected to be signed in the third quarter of the year, subject to the approval of the f125. Description lightweight, fully automated, remote controlled, rapidfire, 76mm gun mount. The model is created in 3ds max 2015, and rendered in vray 3. The turret is built with ballistic aluminium alloy, additional steel armour plates and. The mod 56 pack howitzer, in service throughout the world, and the 76mm naval gun, adopted by 53 navies and installed on over 1,000 naval vessels, are among oto melaras bestknown weapons since world war ii. That it remained in service with those same units a full half century after the howitzers introduction is a testament to the guns quality. As dod buzz reports, the oto melara also as a watercooled barrel which enables the weapon to fire for longer periods of time compared to the 57mm gun. The oto melara 7662 super rapid is a lightweight, rapidfire, dualpurpose gun capable of engaging airborne and surface targets. We send model files to oto knowing that their use of the latest technology and in house skills ensure that the product we receive is absolutely accurate to our original design.

On target alignment oto melara 30 mm compactsafsmfcs. Commander, naval surface force, atlantic uss kauffman. Our products and solutions are used in over 150 countries. Oto melara breda 12754c naval gun 127mm 5inches 54caliber. Finmeccanica wants oto melara 76mm gun aboard navy lcs. It is an offense type hand grenade consisting of an aluminum body bomb painted red, contains 36 g of tnt that at the time of the explosion fragment a ball of lead containing. Eas produces the following types of 76mm62 ammunition. The oto melara 76mm, sometimes referred to as a threeinch gun, has a range of 22 nautical miles, while the current 57mm gun has a range of eight to ten miles. Oliver hazard class frigate acquisition by pakistan.

Russia offers karakurt corvettes project 22800e equipped. The defense security cooperation agency delivered the required certification notifying congress of this possible sale on october 19, 2015. Exocet, oto melara 76mm, or use thales sensor that navy commonly used buy and designing hull, and we configure the system edit wait2, to replace parchim so it must have amti sub weapon like rbu 2000. The proposed lion was a project from otomelara which had licensed built the leopard 1 for the italian army was a tropicalised, specialist desert version of the. In effect, its availability is known and if anyone is interested in this somewhat unique artillery system, it is there for sale if needed.

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