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Amongst all the martial arts in china, wing chun is the one i like the most. Each one of his teachers had many traditional forms and chan heung himself developed many training and fighting forms from his own experience and years of training. As legend has it, ng mui was born out of a noble household, the daughter of a general in the ming imperial court. I needed to have a solid understanding of wing chun before i could teach people. Ng mui is regarded as the creator of the wing chun system and is often said. Wing chun kung fu wing chun dummy form and application dvd. Choy li fut forms list plum blossom international federation. Ng mui is said to have been one of the legendary five elderssurvivors of the destruction of.

She developed a new fighting system, the wing tsun, drawing inspiration from the. Ng mui is regarded as the creator of the wing chun system and is often said that wing chun is the only martial art invented by a woman. The tiger system was designed for extremely closequarters fighting in the narrow alleys and streets of chingdynasty cities. Although highly proficient in the existing styles of kung fu, she felt it was possible to devise a more effective fighting method which did not rely so much on brute strength or take too long to learn. The reason that the choy li fut system has so many kung fu forms is because chan heung, the founder of the system, learned from three highly skilled shaolin masters.

She was impressed by the way the stork used its wings and. Yim wing chun was well known for her beauty and sold tofu for. Because the residents of northern china tend to be relatively tall, this system. Today, there are many versions of this style, with many names of this concave chest postured crouched posture dragontiger system. According to legend, inspiration struck while ng mei watched a fight between a stork and large rodent. Although the origin of ng mui s style of martial arts is unknown, it is believed she used the both the snake and crane techniques in her unique fighting style.

Wing chun has been passed from teacher to student verbally rather than in writing, making it. Ng mui was a buddhist involved with a secret underground kung fu society. That woman was ng mui or ng mei, a buddhist nun of chinas famous shaolin temple. It is widely accepted that wing chun kung fu originated during the 17th century as a more concise version of the rigorous and complex art forms taught in the shaolin temple of southern china. Ng mui was recognised as one of the top five martial artists in china during the early 1700s. Ng mui creates a new fighting system the buddhist mistress ng mui was the only female in the siu lam monastery and the eldest among the five elders. Softness via relaxation and performance of techniques in a relaxed manner is fundamental to wing chun.

She was more tolerant towards the manchu governement than her kungfu brothers and their hottempered disciples, though of course would sometimes apply physicel power if necessary, in. She then integrated her observations to her own very well developed martial arts knowledge to create a remarkable new fighting style. One such story is the shaolin abbess ng mui, her student yim wing chun, and their roles in the conception of a martial art called the wing chun kung fu. Her name was wu mei shi tai, or ng mui five plums nun. Ng mui renamed her dragontiger system to mui fa pai. It is believed that the fivepattern system was jointly created by the buddhist nun ng mui, and miu hin. This article hopes to bring more light on the issue of ng mui and the art of wing chun. Ng 5 mui 4 is said to have been one of the legendary five elderssurvivors of the destruction of the shaolin temple by the qing dynasty she is said to have been a master of various martial arts including the shaolin martial arts, the wudang martial arts, ng ying kung fu chinese.

The mui fa fighting system is nearly identical to sister arts like those of bak mei, lung ying, southern praying mantis, bak fu, and later yan kun moon. The principle and technique are based on sophisticated philosophies of science and the mind. After i began my research, i realized it is much more complicated than what i had imagined. According to one legend, after being inspired by witnessing a crane and a snake fighting, ng mui incorporated their movements into her style of chinese kung fu to form a new, yetunnamed martial art system. Evolution of asian martial arts the mineralogical record. Ng mui taught yim wing chun a version of her southern shaolin kung fu. Each of these parts has been broken down re analyzed and improved to enhance our complete fighting system. The stances were only about 14 inches wide, and an entire kata could be performed in only 4 square feet. Ng mui the nun who invented the martial arts wing chun.

Initially, i thought that wing chun was just a type of elegant fighting system. Wing chun is a simple but effective method of selfdefense based in the traditional chinese martial arts of kung fu. This work posited that the success of this fighting system is. She was well known for her outstanding fighting ability and her fused style. Wingchun, who used it to fend off the warlord once. She then married leung bock sau and continued practicing and improving the martial arts system passed on by ng mui. The brief introduction of wing chun martial art chu shong tin wing chun was created by the abbess ng mui three hundred years ago. The reason i say this is not because i am teaching wing chun, but the fact that the theory and structure of wing chun are very scientific and. Ng mui later took on a disciple, yim wing chun, and passed the art on to her. The brief introduction of wing chun martial art chu shong tin. The myth of ng mui and the truth about yim wing chun to protect the identities of the creators and the perpetuators of the wing chun system, a smokescreen was thrown up in the form of a story the story of ng mui and yim wing chun. The couple began teaching wing chuns fighting style to others after moving to. Of all the incredible traits that ip man had, including the famous fight scene, i believe. It is a relatively young system, but in the last few hundred years it has spread to every corner of the earth because it is practical, concise and adaptable.

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